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About Us

about premiere verbatim reporting Established in 1985 by two veteran Victoria court reporters, Premiere Verbatim Reporting (PVR) is a full-service court reporting firm based in Victoria, B.C.

For more than 30 years, we have worked to ensure the highest quality of court reporting services and have grown to be the largest firm in Victoria. Our dedication has also led to our reputation as the most trusted court reporting company on Vancouver Island. Over time, we have built strong relationships with many clients due to our exacting standards and professionalism, while new clients continue to be impressed by our expertise and commitment to assisting them in every possible way.

All stenographers with PVR are BCSRA Reporters (British Columbia Shorthand Reporters Association) Our certified court reporters are experts in their field and hold Official Reporter designation from the Ministry of Attorney General. We offer both verbatim and Realtime reporting upon request, transcripts with centralized archiving, on time and expedited delivery and well equipped mediation facilities. Our friendly and efficient full time office staff are in place to make certain that every need is met quickly, whether it be photocopying, free Realtime demonstrations or replacement files (via email or hard copy) in minutes.

Working with Premiere Verbatim Reporting guarantees a qualified and professional court reporter is at your service, saving time and money. We have the resources to accommodate a number of requests online or with a single phone call.

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