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1. The PVR hockey pool is open to all of PVR’s clients, including lawyers and their administrative support staff. There is no fee to enter a draft team. Online registration may be made through PVRs hockey pool website (https://pvr.ca/hockey_pool))

2. Entries must be received by PVR no later than 1:00 PST, Wednesday, April 16, 2014 (the "Entry Deadline"). Draft sheets received after the Entry Deadline will not be accepted nor returned to sender. Persons with incomplete, illegible or incorrectly completed draft sheets may be disqualified from entering the contest.

3. Each Entrant will then receive an e-mail setting out instructions on how to check the status of their draft team online at officepools.com.


4. Each Entrant shall select one player from each box in order to build their Team.

5. In calculating points for a hockey player, goals shall be worth one (1) point and assists shall be worth one (1) point. Goalies will receive one (1) point for a win and two (2) points for a shut-out. Goals and assists shall be determined using official National Hockey League statistics. In the event a player is traded from one National Hockey League team to another National Hockey League team during the season, all goals and assists scored on all National Hockey League teams during the regular season will be included in that player's point total. Points accumulate from the commencement of the 2014 National Hockey League playoff season as stated by the National Hockey League.

6. A Team’s accumulated point total at any time shall be determined by the total points scored by all the Team's players in the season to date. The lowest scoring player on each team will be automatically dropped from the point total to reduce the impact of injured or underperforming

7. The pool will be created using OfficePools.com. Log-in information for the pool (which can be used to sign in and check your ranking) will be provided after the Entry Deadline. Rankings will be posted periodically at PVR’s premises and may also be referenced on its web page. All entrants agree to allow the use of his/her name posted at PVR’s office or website for publicity without compensation.


8. At the Contest End, entrants will be ranked based upon the total number of points accumulated by their chosen hockey players. Prizes shall be awarded to the Entrant(s) with the highest accumulated point totals. The prize distribution shall be as follows:

Grand Prizes:

1st Prize: $100 gift card

2nd Prize: $75 gift card

3rd Prize: $50 gift card

Monthly Prizes:

On April 30, May 31, and June 30, 2014, a $25 gift card will be awarded to the Entrant whose Team has the highest total points in that month.

9. In the event of total point ties for Monthly or Grand Prizes, the following tie-breaking mechanism shall operate:

(a) 1st tie breaker - most aggregate goals

(b) 2nd tie breaker – most combined games won by the Team's goalies

Should a tie still exist, the prize money for the positions tied for shall be combined and divided equally amongst the tied Entrants.

10. Grand Prizes will be awarded within 30 days but not sooner than 14 days following the end of the National Hockey League playoff season. Prizes must be accepted as awarded. PVR reserves the right to have final decision-making authority on all prize awards and distribution.

All winners agree to allow the use of his/her name posted at PVR's office for publicity without compensation.

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